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An integrated approach for non-healing wounds.

At Goshen Wound Center, we realize that non-healing wounds are serious and can lead to unnecessary scarring, infection, gangrene and loss of limb. They can also affect you emotionally, as they hamper your health and negatively impact your quality of life. But you don’t have to let your wound slow you down any longer. At Goshen Wound Center, we can heal your chronic wound and return you to the activities you love.

As the only comprehensive, multidisciplinary program in the region, we offer the most advanced wound care therapies available — including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which is proven to radically speed the healing process. Our experts are specially trained in wound care, and will work as a team to create an individualized treatment plan just for you to safely return you to the health and mobility you deserve.

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Have you had a non-healing wound for the past 30 days?

Do you have wounds that heal and then reopen?

Do you have unusual and/or painful calluses on your feet?

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